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Roadtrip in the South of France



Luka in Lavender
Jehanne-Marie Milne, © 2014 Valensole, Provence, South of France.


A Mini On A MiniJehanne-Marie Milne, © 2014
Provence, South of France.


Bee Heaven
Jehanne-Marie Milne, © 2014
Valensole, Provence, South of France.


Past the Pitch
Jehanne-Marie Milne, © 2014
Provence, South of France.


Gorges du Verdon
Jehanne-Marie Milne, © 2014
Provence, South of France.



  • Actif (-ive)-active
  • Aimable-pleasant, nice
  • Ambitieux (-euse)-ambitious
  • Ancien(ne)-old
  • Bête-dumb, silly
  • Consciencieux (-euse)-conscientious
  • Content-happy
  • Curieux (-euse)-curious
  • Drôle-funny
  • Égoïste-selfish
  • Ennuyeux (-euse)-boring
  • Généreux (-euse)-generous
  • Génial (pl. –aux)-great
  • Heureux (-euse)-happy
  • Imaginatif (-ive)-imaginative
  • Impoli-impolite
  • Impulsif (-ive)-impulsive
  • Injuste-unfair
  • Intellectuel(le)-intellectual
  • Intuitif (-ive)-intuitive
  • Juste-fair
  • Libéral (pl. –aux)-liberal
  • Malheureux (-euse)-unhappy
  • Meilleur-best
  • Mignon(ne)-cute
  • Musicien(ne)-musical
  • Naïf (-ïve)-naive
  • Original (pl. –aux)-original
  • Paresseux (-euse)-lazy
  • Pauvre-poor
  • Pénible-boring
  • Poli-polite
  • Ponctuel(le)-punctual
  • Riche-rich
  • Sensible-sensitive
  • Sérieux (-euse)-serious
  • Spirituel(le)-witty
  • Sportif (-ive)-athletic
  • Sympathique, sympa-nice
  • Timide-shy
  • Triste-sad

Adjectives that go before the noun:

  • Beau (belle)-beautiful
  • Bon(ne)-good
  • Grand-big
  • Jeune-young
  • Joli-pretty
  • Mauvais-bad
  • Nouveau (nouvelle)-new
  • Petit(e)-small
  • Vieux (vielle)-old

Family adjectives:

  • Célibataire-single
  • Divorcé(e)-divorced
  • Marié(e)-married
  • Plus âgé(e)-older
  • Plus jeune-younger
  • Unique-only

So, you want some more colorful French slang?


Format= original french, English transliteration, and if applicable, an additional note for better context

So you want someone to SHUT UP?

  • Ta gueule! - (ta gull) {*literally: your mouth/face; most rude ;3*}
  • Ferme-la! - (fairm la) {*close your mouth*}
  • Boucle-la! - (boo-kleuh la) {*buckle it!*}

So there’s no way you’ll do that? LIKE HELL:

  • Tu rigoles! (too ree-goal) {*you’re joking*}
  • Tu t’fous de ma gueule! (too tfoo deuh ma gull) {*you’re fucking kidding me*}

So someone’s a GREEDY JERK?

  • T’as tout sifflé! (ta too see-flay) {*you guzzled the lot!*}
  • Tu viens de vider toute une théière! (too vyan deuh veeday toot oon tay-ee-air) {* literally: you just finished off a huge pot*}

So someone female’s a STUPID BITCH?

  • Quelle salope! (kel sah-lope)
  • Quelle connasse! (kel con-ass)
How about a dude being a STUPID BITCH?
  • Quel salaud! (kel sal-oh)
  • Quelle connard! (kel con-ar)

Something sound like BULLSHIT?

  • C’est n’importe quoi! (say nom-port-euh kwa)

So someone STOOD YOU UP?

  • Elle m’a posé un lapin! (Ell ma po-zay on lah-pan ~ think nasal vowels!) {*literally: she asked me a rabbit*}


All the above came from my class notes in my French Translation course last year. My professor is a native speaker, but I’m not! If I made any errors in my transcription, let me know. 

EDIT: thanks to sevendrafts for correcting a few mistakes!

Cool French Sayings #4


  • la main innocente - literally ‘the innocent hand’, used to describe the real or non-existent ‘person’ who picks a name out of a hat or chooses the winner of the lottery
  • du coup - casual phrase meaning ‘so’ or ‘next’. People say this all the time. The cool, popular version of ‘alors’
  • bosser - negative slang for to work, kind of like ‘bust your ass’ or something

And here come the food words…

  • bouffer - to stuff yourself with food, great word
  • croquer - to crunch, munch, or bite into